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Today’s post is treasured landscape artist Andrew Orr sharing the beginning of a painting in Northern Vermont where he lives!! I hope to sell the finished product when it is dry and framed!!!

Andrew shares the following:

In the studio, the past several days, I have been working out some ideas for a new painting of Jay Peak not far from where I live. The snow is starting to fade, though certainly much snow still exists in the higher areas. I am combining two images, along with some sketches which I think will make a better painting. I have also been exploring some color ideas to come up with what I think will be a pleasing palette. I selected Orange, Green Cyan or Blue Green and Violet as my base tones. Once I figure out how those colors will mix, I can add black and white to lighten values, or darken values. The addition of black will also calm the colors down somewhat. My aim is to create a painting where the viewer feels as though they are standing in the colder shadows of a hillside looking out onto the brightly and warmly, lit Jay Peak. I am aiming for a later in the day feeling. The small sketch is a 4 x 5 which I will scale up into a 16 x 20 painting. Not sure I am there yet, but at least the ideas are rolling around.

Hopefully I will have access to the progress of Jay Peak and send to you via the website!

Be well and be responsible. Thank you.


24 Highland Ave.,
Manchester, Vt. 05255

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