One of the world's finest miniaturists, Frank Magsino, grew up among the broad vistas and rugged mountain scenery of San Jose Mindoro in the Philippines. Born in 1937, the grandchild of pioneers who settled there and built a ranch in the wilderness, Magsino was always more attracted to art than to ranching. Fortunately, his parents recognized his natural talent and encouraged it. They saw to it that his education had an art emphasis, which continued throughout his studies at the University of Santo Tomas and later at the San Francisco Academy of Art.

Magsino began to exhibit and sell his work in 1968. However, in 1971 after a period of travel, his style underwent a major change. He began experimenting with miniature painting, and soon found this was a medium perfectly suited to his unique talents.

Working with acrylic on masonite, Magsino often uses a magnifying glass to paint incredibly minute details. At times he uses a brush with only a single hair. The resulting miniatures are delicate masterpieces, each a world unto themselves. Few other artists have captured the range, detail and human feeling as Magsino does in his miniature paintings.

Magsino's work may be found in fine art collections throughout the world, including 20 paintings currently at the Favell Museum. "Tilting at Windmills" is pleased to include the works of Frank Magsino in our collection of quality artists.

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