Two Artist Show In October

Two Artist Show in October

A TWO ARTIST SHOW WITH SUSAN READ CRONIN & OLAF SCHNEIDER took place on October 8th. Demonstrations entertained art lovers and collectors thru out the day. The show was a highly attended and successful event that capped off many visitors Vermont experience. Art is forever a compelling enjoyment.

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Noted Author, Prof. John Dobbyn Introduces Freshly Published “Fatal Odds”

Noted Author, Prof. John Dobbyn introduces freshly published “Fatal Odds”

Noted author/Professor of Law, John Dobbyn presented his inaugural talk for his fifth published mystery, Fatal Odds at Tilting at Windmills Gallery on August 20th. Jack’s first book, Neon Dragon is in the process of being made into a movie! Jack gave a compelling and eye opening talk about the plight of extinct species being smuggled into the country and sold at a huge profit for the culprits doing this! It is an alarming and page turning read that will…

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The Artful Vagabond Performs Final Film Shooting In Tilting At Windmills Gallery

The Artful Vagabond performs final film shooting in Tilting at Windmills Gallery

July 27th a Film Shooting was done in Tilting for a documentary called the Artful Vagabond portraying the art of creativity soon to be released. Post-production phase! Organizing all the footage and audio we shot for our Artful Vagabond pilot to get ready for editing! That's host Serena Kovalosky and featured artist Adriano Manocchia in the final Gallery Scene which took place at Tilting at Windmills Gallery in Manchester, VT! The cast posed for a final shot at the end…

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