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Full Artist Bio

Born in 1960 in the Guru District of Mozambique, Patrick Fredy belongs to the Chikunda tribe and is the youngest of four boys and two girls. Patrick married Christine in 1983; they have three boys and one girl.

Patrick arrived in Zimbabwe in 1980 and, after working in various jobs, he was introduced to established sculptor, Moses Masaya in 1988. Moses was an acclaimed first-generation sculptor, whose art was rich in imagery, symbolism and traditional socio-religious morals.
Being extremely talented, it took only one year for Patrick to start carving on his own and participating in local exhibitions. Before long, his art was accepted and shown in the National Gallery of Zimbabwe.

Patrick sculpts elongated evocative heads with stylized angular features to portray feelings and experiences common to mankind: ‘Mother and Child’, husband, wife and sibling love, or family bonding. Some of his more mythical stylized stone heads have hypnotic eye expressions – which give the sculpture an innate and spiritual force of its own.

The core concern of his sculpture is to give reverence and acknowledgement to his ancestral beliefs and heritage – by creating forms from Shona ontology.

Patrick’s work has been sold in Belgium, Australia, Canada, UK and the United States.

Tilting at Windmills Gallery is excited to include works by Patrick Fredy in our gallery collection.

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